Product Review ~ INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing Scrub



I received some INGREDIENTS Citrus and Spice Ultra-Moisturizing Scrub as a gift and couldn’t wait to try it!  If you are regular readers of my blog you might remember that I am addicted to exfoliating! It’s made by M. B. Carey & Co. Ltd.

M. B. Carey & Co. Ltd. has created a line that is additive-free, containing aroma-therapeutic essential oils, herbs, spices, and coarse salts.

I’ve been using it for over a week now and I really am enjoying it.  It was a little awkward to use at first.  I opened it and set it outside the shower door so I could easily reach out and scoop up little handfuls to scrub.  It’s full of salts and spices and gives you a great warming, scrubbing feeling.  I have used it on my face and body, and love it!

The only slight drawback is the leftover pieces of spices on the floor of your shower.  But it’s really no big deal, a tissue sweeps them all up.

The bonus is that when you rinse it off it leaves behind some oils that make you feel silky smooth! It feels so luxurious and pampering! I can’t get enough of the feeling!

To try INGREDIENTS for yourself check their website for a location near you HERE.

INGREDIENTS also has a new facebook fanpage and I’m their newest fan!