A Peek Into My Shower

So, just so you know-if you’ve clicked on some link to get here-this isn’t porn!

The first thing I do every morning is shower. My shower has to wake me up and get me ready for my day. I’m going to share with you my favorite things, the products that I use every day. Things that get me clean, keep me soft and smooth, shiny and bouncy!

To start off I cleanse my face with Mary Kay Deep Cleanser. I’ve been using Mary Kay Cosmetics for over 20 years. If I look young for my age, I thank Mary Kay! Mary Kay’s Deep Cleanser gently, but thoroughly, cleanses my skin. It’s for oily skin, and mine is normal/combination, but I prefer it to any other. When I use my freshener on the cotton ball after showering, the cotton ball is clean!

I digress from Mary Kay at this point to St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I use it daily in the shower after cleansing to exfoliate, keeping my skin fresh and soft, by removing dead skin cells. I still use the Mary Kay Mask once or twice a week for deep cleaning, but I love using the St. Ives Apricot Scrub daily as well. As you will see-I’m a bit obsessive about exfoliating!

Next comes hair, I love Pantene products! I have tried a lot of salon products, but I keep coming back to Pantene. For my type of fine, long hair, I generally use the Sheer Volume or the Full and Thick Shampoo and Conditioner. Allure Magazine once said that Pantene’s Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner makes your hair feel like it has a shot of caffeine! And it does!

Now for the body! I need an unscented soap or shower gel, and my new favorite is Dove‘s Sensitive Skin body wash. It smells clean without any fragrance, and is gentle on my skin. I apply it with either a shower puff or loofah. Right now I’m using a loofah. I like the feel of a loofah, it’s very pampering.

While I’m soapy I grab my cute pink Gillette Venus razor and glide away the unwanted hair on my legs and underarms.

Once my body’s clean, I need it smooth. This may surprise some people, but I actually use a pumice stone over all of my body skin. It’s a bit scratchy at first, but you get used to it quickly, in a day or two, and it gives you baby smooth skin all over. No rough bumps on your arms, legs or bottom, and smooth heels and elbows. I have two natural pumice stones and one purple Mr. Pumice scrubber that I got at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I also have a Dr. Scholl’s foot smoother that I alternately use on my feet along with the pumice stone. I told you, I’m obsessed with exfoliating!

Happy showering!

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite products are now! :)

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Kellogg’s Blueberry Muffin Frosted Mini-Wheats

Frosted Mini Wheats
Image via Wikipedia

I haven’t seen them advertised, but then I’m not a BIG TV watcher. I DVR a lot of shows and zip through the commercials, so maybe I’ve missed it. But, as I went shopping on Saturday and strolled down the cereal aisle, there it was! Kellogg’s Blueberry Muffin Frosted Mini-Wheats! Now I love blueberries, and blueberry muffins, so I had to try it!

Later that night I had to open up the box and try a few as a snack! Yes! They definitely have that blueberry muffin taste! They made a great crunchy snack. Now I’m eating them with milk. It just adds a creamy milk flavor to the blueberry muffin-ness of them. It slightly dilutes the flavor, but not in a bad way. They soften up in milk but still hold their shape. We all have heard how important fiber is to our diet, how it can lower cholesterol, well Mini-Wheats have plenty of fiber, that’s for sure!

If you are a blueberry fan, you’re going to love Blueberry Muffin Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal. I do! Great for a little snack, great for breakfast! Yummy in your tummy!

What kind of cereal do you like? C’mon, share!

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Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Turtle Brownies

Chocolate brownie
Image by tristanf via Flickr

After dinner tonight my daughter19 said she wished we had some dessert. I said, “I could make some brownies…”. She said, “Yeah! Make brownies!” So I did, and they are delicious.

Mmmm! Chocolately, chewy, caramel-y! The Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Turtle Brownies are by far my favorite brownie mix. I have tried them all, but this is truly the best.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Turtle Brownies always come out perfect. I love the caramel and the walnuts, they are the perfect touch to their soft cakey chewy brownies.

The brownies are so easy to make, too. I spray the baking pan with Pam. I use an 8 x 8 inch glass baking dish. You take the brownie mix and add water, oil and 1 egg and stir about 40 strokes and pour it in the pan. Then you squeeze the caramel packet on top of the batter in 5 lines, then for a ripple effect you take a knife and in the opposite direction you run it through the batter in 5 alternating strokes, back and forth. It’s easy but looks quite fancy! My daughter19 was impressed, she said, “Wow! How’d you do THAT?!”

Next time you want brownies remember these – Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Turtle Brownies. Yum!

Do you have a favorite brownie mix or recipe? C’mon, share!

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Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter Popcorn

Food of The Gods
Image by turkguy0319 via Flickr

Pop! Pop! Pop! You listen for the microwave to make it pop and take it out before it stops!

Tonight as my daughter and I were heading out to watch the Fourth of July fireworks we decided to bring some snacks. I looked in the cupboard and remembered I had bought popcorn last time I was grocery shopping. In looking at all the popcorn it was hard to decide, but I’ve been very committed to health lately, so I decided to try the Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter.

I popped it in the microwave and let it do it’s thing. It took about 2 minutes. Maybe could have gone a bit longer, but who wants to take the chance that it burns, burnt popcorn is the worst and it takes forever to get the smell out of your house! I was a little nervous to try it because sometimes the diet healthy stuff just doesn’t taste as good.

We drove to find a spot to watch the fireworks and found a place to put our blanket in the grass in between all the other people. Then we were ready to snack. Strangely, my daughter, 19, insisted on bringing grape jelly to dip the popcorn in. She said my mom, her grandmother, got her started on this odd habit. Funny thing is, I don’t remember my mom ever doing that with me? Oh well. So we broke out the popcorn and grape jelly and gave it a try. It was truly excellent. I didn’t miss anything. I had no idea it was healthy or diet. It was just good popcorn! My daughter concurred!

Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter popcorn is 94% fat free, has 0g trans fat, and has no diacetyl added. I have no freakin idea what diacetyl is, but it doesn’t sound natural and I’m glad it’s NOT in my popcorn. As for calories, I cup of popped popcorn is only 20 calories, so take it from there depending on how many cups you want to eat. I love popcorn and can keep eating and eating it if it’s good, and this was. Especially dipped in grape jelly. Thanks Mom!

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St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Apricot fruit
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Have I told you I am passionate about exfoliating? Hmmm? Well, it’s true, I am! And St. Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Scrub totally fits the bill. I love the stuff! I love the smell! To me, it’s kind of an apricot-grapefruit fragrance, very invigorating!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub is made with pure swiss glacial water, swiss botanicals, and 100% natural exfoliants. What could be better than that? I keep it in the shower and use it everyday! After cleansing my skin with my cleanser I squeeze out some of the scrub and massage my face, then rinse it away in the shower. Nothing could be easier. Truly. My skin feels soft and clean and smooth and ready for the day.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub is also dermatologist tested, oil free, and hypo-allergenic and I am also very pleased to tell you that the product was NOT tested on animals. The great thing about St. Ives Apricot Scrub is, it’s cheap! You can usually find it in your local grocery or drug store.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub gently exfoliates and removes all those crusty dead skin cells that make our skin rough and clog up our pores. It’s great to use it on other parts of my body as well – like arms, legs, and feet. The dead skin cells wash down the drain, and you are left with glowing, soft skin. Awww! Just the way we like it!

Allure Magazine even gave St. Ives Apricot Scrub the Readers Choice Award! Well I’m sold, and I bet you will be too when YOU try it!

Tell me – do you have a favorite scrub or way to exfoliate???

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Mott’s Cinnamon Applesauce

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Mmmm! Mott’s Cinnamon Applesauce is amazing! It is my new favorite snack to have with my coffee – the flavors blend perfectly together! I take a bite of the applesauce, then a sip of my coffee, and perfection results.

Mott’s Cinnamon Applesauce is also convenient to eat as a snack since it comes in a snack pack with 6 individual cups. Each cup equals one fruit serving and gives you 20% of your recommended vitamin C for the day. It’s also fat, cholesterol and sodium free!

My mom and dad even enjoy them as snacks , as does my daughter19. It’s really perfect for my dad who can only eat soft things. Mott’s states that they hand pick their apples and make the applesauce from their special Mott’s family recipe. That must be why it tastes so good.

I just know I love it with my coffee!

What do you like with your coffee?

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The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees
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I saw The Secret Life of Bees tonight with my friend Patricia. I have been looking at the book for the last couple of years, and kept thinking I should read it, but I never got around to it. Now it’s in the theater!

I work with Special Ed children, and this week I’m working at a Jr. High School. There is an autistic student in the class I’m working with who was feeling stressed and I was talking to him to try and engage him and help him relax as we walked around the track. I asked him if he had seen any movies lately and he told me he had just gone to see The Secret Life of Bees. I asked him what it was about, and he said, “these people go to live at this house and they all become a family.” He was right!

I don’t want to give too much away, but it deals with racial issues, voting, tragedy and love. I highly recommend it-the cast is top notch-including Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys!


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Neutrogena Hand Cream

Neutrogena Hand Cream

Neutrogena Hand Cream

I wash my hands a LOT, I’m almost OCD about it, okay, maybe I am. Since I wash my hands a lot, they get dried out and I really need a good hand cream. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream fills the bill for me. I have been using it for years. I keep it in my purse and use it constantly.  As a result of this, my hands aren’t dry and cracked, they are soft and smooth.

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream comes in scented and unscented. I prefer the unscented. It’s dermatologist recommended, which doesn’t surprise me at all, nothing works better for me.  It’s a small tube, but it’s very concentrated and a little goes a long way.  The 2 oz. tube contains over 200 applications. It goes on slightly sticky, but quickly sinks in and feels nothing but soft.

The story is that it started with Norwegian fisherman, who used a formula that contained large amounts of glycerin to protect them from the harshest, coldest weather on earth. Independent clinical testing over five years proved Norwegian Formula Hand cream consistently outperforms other products.  My unclinical testing proves this as well!

The Norwegian Formula is also available in these other Neutrogena products: Foot Cream, Body Emulsion and Body Moisturizer. For more information please go to: www.neutrogena.com.

My final words: it’s the best hand cream I’ve ever used and I can’t go a day without it!

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